The leadership of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria has announced the indefinite suspension of four of its ministers on account of their involvement in a protracted land related matter in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

The church disclosed this during its National Ministerial Council Meeting held on Tuesday April 9, 2024 at the church campground in Ajebo, Ogun State.

The ministers suspended are: Rev. Isaac Komolafe, who was the former District Overseer of the Abuja branch of the church; Rev. Paul Okereke; Rev. Michael Azuonwu; and Bro. Kenneth Ugbomah.

In a statement signed by the National Secretary of the board, Reverend Samson Alawode, the church explained that its decision resulted from the negative publicity the protracted land transactions have continued to attract to Foursquare Gospel Church Nigeria.

It explained further that despite a series of rebuttals from the church, “her reputation continues to suffer in public domain as a result of unrestrained negative publicity being orchestrated by the subscribers”.

The Board explained that the decision to suspend these ministers came after the findings of the Preliminary Investigation Panel (PIP) and over ten years of failed attempts by several committees to mediate between the affected ministers and the subscribers to their land acquisition scheme.

“It was in the light of the roles played by these ministers – Rev. Isaac Komolafe who was the former District Overseer of the Abuja branch of the church, Rev. Paul Okereke, Rev. Michael Azuonwu and Bro. Kenneth Ugbomah – that they have been suspended from all ministerial assignments and membership rights and privileges,”

However, the statement added the suspension would be lifted on the condition that they are able to resolve the issues with their subscribers in a satisfactory manner.