Empowering women with vocational skills is a vital step towards fostering gender equality and inclusive growth in society. This effort involves equipping women with practical expertise that can be applied across various aspects of life, including professional, personal, and entrepreneurial settings.

Ibom Developers’ recent initiatives to provide skill acquisition training to women in its host communities aim to help them thrive in society.

On April 8, 2024, Ibom Developers commenced its ongoing skill acquisition training programme, themed ‘Virtuous Women’ in Egwenwe and Okoroinyong communities.
Dignitaries, including His Royal Highness Chief Johnson J. Osiba (Ijongo IV), the Okaama of Egwenwe Community; Mr. Warribo Isaiah, Community Development Chairman, Egwenwe Community; Pastor Johnson Christian Ubulom, Youth President, Egwenwe Community; Mrs. Catherine Monday Ogbofork, Women Leader of Egwenwe Community; Mrs. Sarah Evans Nfeija, Health Officer, Egwenwe Community; and representatives from Okoroinyong community, were present at the inaugural event.

This skill acquisition programme aims to empower 160 women in these communities with expertise in catering, packaging, hairdressing, wigging, ventilation, and styling. The program took place from April 8 to April 20, 2024, at Egwenwe Town Hall and Okoroinyong Town Hall in Eastern Obolo LGA, Akwa Ibom State, imparting essential entrepreneurial skills to the women in the communities.

During the inaugural event, Chief Johnson J. Osiba (Ijongo IV), the Okaama of Egwenwe Community, expressed, ‘‘This empowerment initiative will provide our women with the autonomy and decision-making power they need to become self-sufficient contributors to the growth and development of our community.’’

The participation of women in several economic activities makes their upliftment a potent strategy for economic growth. Their involvement expands the workforce, cultivating heightened innovation and efficiency within the community.

Mrs. Catherine Monday Ogbofork, Women Leader of Egwenwe Community, emphasised, “Access to training tailored to the needs of women allow them to develop specialised skills. I am glad that this programme has offered options that suit our women’s preferences and goals.’’

Acquiring skills for livelihood elevates family status and unlocks entrepreneurial avenues. Ibom Developers is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship among women and supporting socio-economic empowerment in local communities.