Vitor Roque’s representative, Andre Cury, has voiced criticism towards Barcelona manager, Xavi, revealing that the player is considering a permanent departure this summer.

According to Cury, communication between Roque and Xavi has ceased, leading to speculation about the player’s future at the club.

In a recent interview with RAC1, Cury emphasized that Roque’s departure will not be in the form of a loan but rather a permanent transfer.

He expressed bewilderment over Xavi’s treatment of Roque and the lack of dialogue between them.

Cury affirmed their intention to initiate discussions with Barcelona regarding Roque’s future promptly.

“He will not leave on loan. If he leaves, it will be on permanent transfer. No one understands why Xavi doesn’t play him and doesn’t even speak to Vitor, it’s not right. We will discuss his future with Barça soon.

“We chose Barça because Vitor loves the club, imagine that we really had other proposals that gave us twice as much. But if we can’t find a solution internally, we will have to look for another place on permanent transfer,” Cury said.