First Lady Senator Oluremi Tinubu felicitated Nigerian workers, emphasising the importance of reflecting on ways to enhance productivity within the workforce.

In a statement personally signed and shared with the press, Mrs Tinubu expressed gratitude for the invaluable contributions of workers to the nation’s progress

Acknowledging the dedication, resilience, and innovation exemplified by the nation’s workforce, Mrs Tinubu paid tribute to various professionals, including teachers, farmers, healthcare workers, engineers, and countless others who contribute their skills and efforts to the advancement of Nigeria.

She urged for a moment of introspection on Labour Day, encouraging workers to not only celebrate their contributions but also contemplate strategies to become more efficient and effective in their roles.

“I acknowledge the immense contributions of our nation’s workforce, which is renowned for its dedication, resilience, and innovation.

“I, therefore, salute the teachers who nurture young minds, the farmers who cultivate our land, the doctors and nurses who safeguard our health, the engineers who build our infrastructure, and countless others who dedicate their skills and energy to building a better Nigeria.

“Today, let us not only celebrate work but also reflect on how we can be a better and more productive workforce.

“On this Workers’ Day, I celebrate the spirit of work with pride. May it continue to be a source of strength, prosperity, and national progress for Nigeria,” she said.