Experts have emphasised the urgent need for investment in telemedicine and the development of unified policies and guidelines to govern its practice in Nigeria.

The experts who spoke during the ongoing national workshop of the National Association of Community Health Practice (NACHPN), stressed that for telemedicine to thrive, it must be supported by private investors or public-private partnerships to ensure the delivery of quality services, protect citizens, and prevent potential abuse.

Professor Salisu Ibrahim, the Director General of Kano State Private Health Institution Agency, stated these during a panel organised by the Development Research and Projects Centre (dRPC) at the NACHPN workshop.

He emphasised the importance of investigating ethical issues in telemedicine to safeguard citizens from potential misuse of technology in healthcare delivery. He underscored the necessity for legislation, unified policies, and registration requirements for telemedicine practitioners.

The panel, consisting of experts from academia, civil society organisations, government agencies, and donors, unanimously agreed on the critical role of investing in telemedicine and establishing unified policies to bridge gaps and enhance healthcare quality across Nigeria while mitigating cyber threats.