A Nigerian woman, Rita, who met her Serbian boyfriend on a TikTok livestream, has tied the knot with him after he helped her obtain a visa to Serbia.

The lady, Rita, had expressed joy after her Serbian boyfriend whom she met on a TikTok livestream, assisted her in processing a visa to Serbia.

Rita shared her story on TikTok, attracting congratulatory messages from many on social media, with some raising concerns about potential exploitation or human trafficking, particularly in Eastern Europe and the UAE.

A Tweep, Bolatito who identifies as #Mirab_clotheirs wrote, ” I saw this on TikTok yesterday and I’m happy for her”

Olivia who tweets as SuleOlivia wrote, “I’m happy for her, congratulations to you girl”

A Tiktok user Onyiyenchi who uses the username #White Angel, also wrote, “Congratulations nne. i tap from your blessings”

Tiktok user Daisy with username #Daisy_Adore, alsp wrote, “He’s a sweet man dear, he blows you air to dry your tears from the other end. Hold onto him ”

However, others had shown concern regarding the intentions behind this gesture, with warnings of potential exploitation or trafficking.

They cautioned against travelling to Eastern Europe or the UAE as a black woman, citing safety concerns.

A Tiktok user who uses the username, Zee, wrote, “Congratulations. Please be careful relocating with someone online and have safety plans going to a strange land. Human trafficking is serious.”

Another user who identifies as #lona-chic on TikTok said, “Yall do realise they are only doing this for a green card? They don’t really love or care about yall. They are using you for a green card!”

TikTok user ot3dola who identifies as #火影 wrote, “Do your due diligence on Eastern Europe counties and sex/human trafficking … make you no go miswaka”

A user on X.com, thereal_hayzed, who goes by the username #azeezsalami351 said, “Omo this girl needs to be very careful, she shouldn’t even consider going there at all. Serbia, Eastern Europe of all countries? Sex trafficking going”

Uthred of Bebbenburg, who tweets anonymously as #Jjokety said, ” I laugh in s*x traffic*ing. It’s like she hasn’t read about Eastern Europe. ”

An X user A.I.M, who identifies as #AimThaMachine_, wrote, “Going to Eastern Europe or going to UAE as a black woman, I don’t know which one is worse.

“As a black woman, you better go to countries where you can easily get rescued if anything goes south. Eastern Europe and UAE are not good places for a single black woman to go.”