The Medical Tribunal Practitioners Service, MPTS, in Britain is to rule later this month if a UK-based cosmetic doctor of Nigerian descent, Oluwafemi ‘Tijion’ Esho should continue to practice in the country for allegedly exchanging free botox for sex with a patient.

Botox injections are shots that use a toxin to prevent a muscle from moving for a limited time. The treatment is used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Esho, who has been featured on several popular TV programmes, was said to have admitted to an improper emotional relationship with the patient, who is an OnlyFans model. The woman, referred to as Patient A, earlier claimed she got free botox in return for sex at his clinic. She also alleged that they exchanged “inappropriate” sexual messages on Instagram.

During a recent hearing, the Medical Tribunal Practitioners Service, MPTS, found Esho exchanged toxin treatment for sex with the woman.

The 42-year-old doctor, who has several celebrity clients, had told the tribunal he never had any physical sexual contact with Patient A.

But the panel, during sitting in Manchester, ruled Esho did have sexual intercourse with the woman at his clinic in Newcastle in 2021 and administered botox free of charge.

The tribunal also ruled that the doctor told the woman he “could get away with giving her Botox in exchange for sexual services”.

The panel found that the overall conduct of the doctor was sexually motivated, but it did not find Patient A to be vulnerable because of her profession.

In response, Esho, who is the founder of the Esho Clinic, which also has locations in London, Liverpool and Dubai, said he was “disappointed” with the MPTS’ ruling.