The University of Lagos (UNILAG) has introduced a new programme called the Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Business Incubation Certification (EIBIC), which will lead to students receiving double certificates upon graduation

Prof. Ayodele Atsenuwa, the university’s deputy vice chancellor for development services, announced this during the programme’s launch yesterday at UNILAG.

Atsenuwa said the EIBIC programme was designed to start with 100-level students and aimed to bridge socioeconomic gaps in the country while preparing students for the future job market.

He stressed that entrepreneurship was crucial for economic growth and that the EIBIC programme is a Senate-approved course at UNILAG, not merely an optional activity.

Prof. Sunday Adebisi, the Director of the Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Centre, explained that students will receive EIBIC certificates in addition to their respective degree certificates upon completion of the programme.

This, he said, makes UNILAG the first university to offer two honours or degrees, ensuring that students complete both the EIBIC programme and their academic degrees before graduation.

Adebisi said the programme’s calendar has been designed, making it mandatory for students to complete it to receive their degree awards.

The goal is to equip students with dual capacities, enhancing their employability and entrepreneurial skills, he added.